Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

     Nowadays Zaporizhzhia National Technical University is a higher education establishment of the IV level of accreditation, a real scientific and educational center, one of the most renowned classical universities of Ukraine. High standard of the educational of methodical work of the University is established with the academic staff numbering more than 600 instructors, and there are 70 proffesors and more than 250 associate-professors among them. Nowadays ZNTU includes 11 faculties, 38 departments; 9 lecture and laboratory buildings with up-to-date equipment; 5 student hostels, one family hostel among them; a library with more than one million volumes of literature; developed information network with connection to the global computer system of Internet and network of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science; the computer printing house; two sports-health centres along the Dnipro River and on the Azov Sea shore, a sanatorium dispensary; a medical centre, sports and nutrition complexes etc. ZNTU maintains business, scientific, educational and cultural links with educational establishments of China, Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Slovenia, Greece, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Bulgaria.


Institutes and Faculties

Faculty of Sport Management

Humanitarian Faculty

Faculty of International Tourism and Human Resources Management

Faculty of Humanities and Law

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Physics

Electrotechnical Faculty

Faculty of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Preparatory Department — 1200 $              


Duration of training


Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

1,5 years


3 years


Quota limit — there is no defined quota limit.

Dormitory availability — available.


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