Odessa National Maritime University

     Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU) is a versatile educational institution, which prepares graduates of all educationalqualifying levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) for full maintenance of personnel requirements for maritime and river branch.

     The ONMU is under direct subordination of the Ministry of Science sand Education of Ukraine and has got the IV-th (the highest) level of accreditation.

     Odessa National Maritime University has trained staff for maritime industry of foreign countries since 1950. For this period there has been prepared graduates for 90 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

     The structure of University includes 7 faculties which prepare specialists on 12 specialities and carry out retraining of personnel.


Institutes and Faculties

Ship Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Transport Technologies and Systems

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Water-Transport and Shelf Construction

Shipbuilding Faculty

Law Faculty

Port Engineering Faculty


Preparatory Department — the cost is not defined.


Duration of training

Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

          1 year          


Quota limit — 25-300 students (depending on the Faculty).

Dormitory availability — available.


Official website — http://www.osmu.odessa.ua/