Odessa National Polytechnic University

     Odessa National Polytechnic University is the oldest higher technical educational establishment in the south of Ukraine. Throughout the years, Odessa Polytechnic University graduates made a considerable contribution to the development of Ukrainian and global science and technology as well as have educated many national economy specialists. University graduates perform a productive work in all regions of Ukraine and the ninety-one foreign countries.

     University staff, continuing the glorious traditions of Polytechnics, is working on augmentation of scientific and technological capabilities of our state, prepares highly qualified personnel for the modern production system in regard to the new economic conditions, and for research in various fields of science and technology.

     Tractates and the achievements of the scientists worked in different years at the university, as well as those who continue to work within its walls today, are known to the scientific community. There are a 1 Nobel laureate, 4 Hero of Socialist Labor, 15 State Prize laureate, 17 honored workers of science and technology, 9 Honoured High School and Public Education, 34 excellent worker education in Ukraine. Most of them have not only worked, but received higher education at the Odessa Polytechnic.

     Today, Odessa Polytechnic is actively working on innovative development of its high school, set themselves the ambitious task of obtaining the status of Research University of the European level and this problem is within Polytechnic’s grasp!


Institutes and Faculties

Institute of Machine-Building Engineering

Institute of Industrial Technology, Design and Management

Institute for Energy and the Computer-Integrated Management Systems

Institute of Electromechanics and Energy Consumption

Institute of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications

Institute of Computer Systems

Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technology

Chemical Technologies Faculty

Faculty of Humanities

Preparatory Department — 1600$.


Duration of training


Bachelor Degree program

3 years 10 months

Master’s degree program

1 year 6 months


3 years

Doctor of Science

3 years


Quota limit — there is no defined quota limit.

Dormitory availability — available.


Official website — http://opu.ua/