Donetsk National University (Vinnytsya)

Donetsk National University (DonNU) (location Vinnytsya) is a prominent educational and scientific complex awarded the highest IV level of accreditation, one of the leading higher education institutions of the country.

It is a classical university that provides training of future specialists in natural-scientific, humanitarian and economic fields of knowledge. It offers undergraduate programs leading to bachelor’s degrees as well as graduate education leading to master’s degrees in 53 specialties. Postgraduate Studies department provides training of scientists in 63 specialties.

Donetsk National University pays great attention to the development of fundamental and applied research and maintains relationships with leading research institutions in our country and abroad. The university takes care of the practical implementation of its scientific research. Through active international cooperation as an integral part of its life DonNU participates in global integration and modernization processes in the field of education, as well as in intercultural dialogue and search of mutual understanding between nations and regions of the world.


Institutes and Faculties

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of History

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Mathematics and Information Technology

Faculty of Physics and Technology


Preparatory Department —  1000$


Duration of training

Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

1-1,5 years

Postgraduate studies

3 years


Quota limit — there is no define quota limit. 

Dormitory availability — available.


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