National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv)

      The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading institutions of education, science and culture in Ukraine. More than 26 thousand students and more than 600 graduates, PhD students and seekers study at 3 educational and research institutes and 13 departments of basic university institution (in Kyiv) and 10 separate units of NULES of Ukraine – regional universities of І-ІІІ accreditation levels.

     Educational process and scientific research at the University are provided by more than 2,600scientific and educational and pedagogical workers, including about 300 professors and doctors of sciences, more than 1,000 assistant professors and PhDs.


Institutes and Faculties

Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening

Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education

Education and Research Institute of Energetics, Automation and Energy Efficiency

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy

Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology

Faculty of Land Management

Faculty of Law                    

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products

Faculty of Information Technologies

Faculty of Agricultural Management

Agrobiological Faculty

Mechanical and Technological Faculty 

Faculty of Design and Engineering 


Duration of training

Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

1-1,5 years

Postgraduate studies

3 years


Quota limit — 300 students.

Dormitory availability — available.


Honorary Doctors

Dr. Leonid D. Kuchma — The President of Ukraine.

Dr. Martin C. Jischke — President, Purdue University (Indiana, USA)

Dr. Josef Herz — President, Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Dr. William B. Richardson — Chancellor, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (USA).

Dr. Arnold Ruutel — The President of Republic of Estonia .

Dr. Jacques Diouf — the Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.