National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (Rivne)

      The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering is one of the best technical Universities of Ukraine. The University with its centenary history can be proud of achievements, aspirations, victories, scientific researches and experience in training of specialists for various branches of Ukrainian economy. NUWMNRU is the only higher education establishment in Ukraine that trains personnel for the water management and ameliorative complex of our state. 

     The University is the largest higher education establishment in Rivne region and the leading HEE of Ukraine; it consists of 8 institutes, 5 training and consulting centres, 5 colleges. Training and retraining of specialists, including foreign citizens, is carried out in 31 bachelor degree programs, 30 specialties and 38 master degree programs. The educational process in the university is provided by highly skilled teaching staff: 378 doctors, associate professors, 62 Doctors of Science and professors. 34 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and foreign countries comprise the University's workforce. NUWMNRU also offers doctoral and postdoctoral degree programs for scholarships. The University has modern technical base, which meets modern requirements of training. The educational process is carried out in 7 study buildings, more than 100 specialized classrooms, labs, class-rooms equipped with modern computers, audio-visual and other technical equipment. Educational, industrial and other forms of practices are carried out by students in laboratories, workshops, training labs of the University as well as in the leading institutions and enterprises of Ukraine, foreign universities and enterprises. The University has extensive international relations with higher education institutions and international organizations of Poland, Germany, France, the USA, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria and many other countries all over the world. 


Institutes and Faculties

Faculty of ConstructionandArchitecture

Faculty of Watermanagement

Faculty of Hydraulicengineering

Faculty of EcologyandNaturalResources

Faculty of EconomyandEnterprise

Faculty of LandPlanningandGeoinformatics

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Mechanicaland Power Engineering

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Integrated Systems

Facultyof PostgraduateStudies

Preparatory Department — 1001$


Duration of training


Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

1 year


1,5-2 years

Doctor of Science

  1. years


Quota limit — there is no defined quota limit.

Dormitory availability — available.