Sumy National Agrarian University

      Students have the unique opportunity to go abroad and to work in the agricultural farms in England, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, Australia, the Netherlands; it greatly increases their professional level and helps them to employ in leading agricultural and processing enterprises of Ukraine.

    There are about 11,000 students at the university. We have 1,000 computer seats. Students and teachers have the opportunity to draw information about new achievements of science through international information network IINTERNET. A global computer network was created at the University.

 Scientific and research work is conducted in 19 research laboratories; we have 26 specialties for postgraduate students. Research Institute of Potato-breeding in the north-eastern region of Ukraine was founded at the Department of plant-breeding and seed-production.

 The university campus is the pearl and the glory of Sumy. Educational buildings, stadiums, laboratories, hostels are located at large, clean and well-equipped territory. The University has a cafe and a canteen with the lowest prices in the town, a club and gyms, where about 3,000 students go in for sport in 20 sport sections.

Institutes and Faculties


Biotechnological Faculty

Faculty of Building

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Faculty of Agricultural Technologies and Natural Resources

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Food Technologies

Faculty of Law

Institute of Postgraduate Studies

Preparatory Department — 1200$.


Duration of training


Bachelor Degree program

4 years

Master’s degree program

1 year


Quota limit — 200 students.

Dormitory availability — available.